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Not Yet Married? Start Off On The Right Foot!

by Emily Beers September 25, 2018

Not Yet Married? Start Off On The Right Foot!

Emily Beers, Manager of Social Mayhem
Lover of free speech, cookies and cynicism
This is the story of an anniversary present gone horribly wrong.
It was Mary’s 30th wedding anniversary, and her imagination had run wild envisioning the perfect evening with her husband: It was to start with wine and then a romantic dinner on a boat cruise. After dinner, Mary was expecting her husband Bill would give her a celebratory piece of jewelry—pearl, she assumed, as it’s the traditional symbol of 30 years of marriage. He would also buy her 30 roses, she imagined, one for each year they had spent together. Bill, knowing his wife pretty well after 30 years of marriage, had a pretty good grip on what his wife would want for their anniversary. He didn’t even need to ask. He splurged on some pearl earrings and then made his way to the florist. He knew one dozen roses wasn’t enough, so he bought two dozen for good measure. The night started out well with a glass of wine and dinner, and then came time to present his wife his gift. Mary took one glance at the bundle of roses and could immediately tell there weren’t 30. Sure enough, she counted and discovered only 24. Disappointment overtook her mood. ‘How could he not think to get me 30 roses?’ she thought to herself, questioning whether Bill loved her as much as she thought he did. She went to the bathroom to gather herself, then returned to the table and spent the next hour faking her happiness. The long-anticipated night had been ruined.
Believe it or not, this is a "true story" that was told to me at a personal development course.
When it comes to gift-giving and expectations of loved ones, people are, well, totally and completely insane. To the outsider, this husband seems pretty on point. He basically almost read his wife’s mind, but in her mind he came up way too short. Truth is, like love, gift-giving is complicated at the best of times, so we have compiled a list of great ideas and companies we like to get you pointed in the right direction, so, heaven forbid, you don’t disappoint your loved one with only 24 roses on your 30th anniversary!
But first, check out what's coming to a city near you:
Drones are coming to a city near you and will soon be delivering your gifts via Amazon Prime Air. This means your packages will be delivered to your house within 30 minutes of ordering. Though we’re still a couple years or so away from this, pretty soon these drones called Octocopter drones will be stationed at Amazon waiting for new orders. Though our world is certainly continuing to move further and further away from traditional mall shopping—to the point of Amazon drones—some of us still like to support smaller, less powerful companies for our online purchases. Here are FIVE great companies to do your online shopping with that are perfect for the times you need a memorable gift for a loved one.
1. For Jewelry: James Allen

Online jewelry made easy. Basically this website allows you to build customized jewelry, from engagement rings and wedding rings to gemstone and diamond jewelry for all occasions. I have friends who bought their engagement ring from James Allen and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

2. For the quirky and creative: Uncommon Goods
On the one hand, this website is full of gadgets you have lived without quite successfully your entire life, like a sponge holder, a bread saver or an avocado hugger. On the other hand, Uncommon Goods has some pretty cool and creative ideas, especially for people who enjoy a good dose of weird. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate having a 45-second omelette maker or a magnetic dish cloth holder? Not to mention a cast-iron garlic roaster or a bristle-free grill brush? You get the point: This website is creativity at its finest, and has the potential to put smiles on faces of appreciative gift-receivers.
3. For Kids: Imagine Childhood
According to a couple of moms I know, this is a great place for gifts for kids. Their range is broad, too: Arts and crafts, science, adventure, dollhouses, books, the list goes on. The website is also very pretty and super easy to navigate: Bonus points!
4. For clothing lovers: Zulily
Zulily has never let me down. Every dress I buy from them fits perfectly. Shipping is reliable and fast if you need a gift in a pinch (not drone fast, but fast enough for someone who is moderately organized), and they’re super generous with giving you store credit should there be an issue with a product. They’re always bringing in new brands, so it’s a never ending flow of great options. Though I have only used Zuliliy for clothing, they also have toys and tons of items for the home (from bedding to kitchenware to candles), as well as a children’s toys section.
5. FOR EVERYONE: Chomp a’Lomp
Here’s what makes personalized Chomp a’Lomp cookies so perfect for a gift for anyone—from a 5-year-old to your grandmother to your boss or your sister-in-law: People love surprises, and they will be surprised. I mean, who is expecting a box of personalized cookies with personalized images and messages? On top of this, we all enjoy supporting a small, family-owned and operated company, right? Chomp a’Lomp founders and owners are a wholesome brother and sister pair, who grew up running around barefoot on a farm outside of Calgary.
And consider this:
Had Bill bought a box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies featuring a romantic message to Mary, along with the earrings and roses, she might have even overlooked his 6-rose deficit, and the night may have gone a lot smoother for Bill. But, probably not. At least he would have delicious cookies to eat. Just sayin.

Emily Beers
Emily Beers


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