As a brother and sister team, we share many things, including childhood memories of building tree forts, jumping on trampolines, working in the barns alongside our parents and travelling to goat shows. We played in the creek for hours on hot summer days and explored every crevice of our farm, often barefoot, even into November. For us, this was happiness! Inspired by childhood memories, Chomp a’Lomp began with one simple idea: to make people happy. With a playful name and brightly coloured fondant cookies, we’ve created a company that genuinely represents who we are and what matters to us.
ERIC, Director of Fun
In Charge Of All Things Cookies
Hi, fellow cookie enthusiasts. I am Eric. I grew up on a farm in small-town Alberta, and I’ve been a farm boy at heart ever since. I love the great outdoors, motorcycles and rocks. In fact, I like rocks so much that I studied them for years at great length. I even made a career of it, becoming a geologist—really the artist of the oil and gas world. But when oil tanked, I, like many geologists out there, found myself unemployed. It was all good, though. This gave me time to tinker with my motorcycle and think about my next big adventure: Chomp a’Lomp. Good to its very core, Chomp a’Lomp brings people together, makes them happy and lends a hand to those who need it. The very things I’m made of.
Abagail, Chief Cheerleader
In Charge Of All Things Business
Hello Internet world, I’m Abagail. I live in Calgary, Alberta, with my husband and three children. I'm a wildly passionate entrepreneur and a lover of life! I am an adventurer, a want-to-be world traveller, and an aspiring extreme athlete. I am also an admirer of beautiful graphic design, witty copy, stunning packaging and strategic branding. I love these things because I’m a creative at heart. Whether it’s dance, drama, writing, stone carving or visual design, I have dedicated my life to the arts, and my latest creative endeavour is Chomp a’Lomp. Personally and professionally, I now have the opportunity to spread more love and laughter in this world and be a positive force for good.