One of our favourite things about Chomp a'Lomp cookies is that anyone can personalize gifts to their heart's content. You can write a funny message, or come up with your own design that we'll place on as many cookies as you'd like—it's up to you! Here's how we do it!
If I have an epic picture, can I have it printed on a cookie?
Heck yes! The best part about ordering a box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies is that they can be personalized with a photo or graphic. This is a link to our photo cookies, simply click here, and follow the steps as they self-populate!
I ate a picture that I printed on my printer at home, and I got a tummy ache. How can I be sure the same won’t happen when I eat your cookies?
First of all, we don't use any paper. That was your first mistake: don't eat paper. Secondly, your printer at home uses ink that contains toxic and terrible-tasting compounds. We only use top quality edible dye, also known as food colouring, which is totally safe and does not add any flavour to the fondant-topped cookies. And we only apply our dye to fondant . . . not paper. Again, don’t eat paper.
I have many amazing photos. Which should I choose?
Wow, that's a difficult question. The answer is that you should follow your heart and pick the one that gives you the most happiness. If that doesn’t answer your question, maybe the following will help: we suggest you pick photos with light backgrounds, since in photos with dark backgrounds there tends to be some bleeding of the dark ink into the foreground. Generally, the higher the resolution, the better the photo will print. But if you have an image taken at night, without a flash, on your 0.5 megapixel camera, we will do our best to print it. Just don’t be surprised by the black cookies. In all seriousness, we will contact you to find a solution if you upload a photo that won't print well.
I have a really high-resolution photo. How high is the resolution of your machine?
The maximum resolution for the images is 5760 x 1440 dpi. What does this mean? The machine will put down 5760 dots of ink for every vertical inch and 1440 dots of ink for every horizontal inch. What does this mean? Our machine is amazing. Keep in mind that we are applying dye to fondant, not paper (don’t eat paper), so it won’t look like your computer-printed images: the colours may be slightly different, and may blend slightly, which reduces the image resolution.
I found a perfect photo on the Internet. Can I have copyrighted photos printed?
If you own the copyright, then we can certainly have it printed for you. If you don’t own the copyright, please don’t ask us to print it. Fun fact: it's even illegal to save an image to your computer if you don’t have permission or own the copyright.
I like the idea of printed cookies, but I don’t like any of your designs. Can I fully customize all of my cookies?
Frankly, we’re a little hurt that you don’t like our designs, but we’ll get over it. We have a few options for customized cookies, but this is probably the one you’re looking for: fully custom cookie. If you’re looking to have cookies printed with your company's logo, for an event, or for a charitable cause, please contact us directly and we’ll sort everything out.
I want to order cookies for my business with our logo on them. Do you colour-match?
We’re here to please, so we will try our best to get it as close as possible. Food colour application is not an exact science, so the colours may be slightly different when compared to an image printed on paper. But (remember) you can’t eat paper. Logos with crisp lines and high contrast will print the best, but please contact us directly if you are considering ordering branded cookies and we will see what we can do.
What do you do with my picture files once my cookies are printed?
We keep the images two weeks after the cookies are shipped, just in case there is a problem with the order, then we promptly delete them. Really, we don’t want to keep your images on our computers. Ain't nobody got the time—or the hard drive space—for that.
The picture on the cookie is a little green. Are you just really excited about St. Patrick’s Day?
Yes, we are excited about St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s not why your cookie is slightly green. Some photo images may turn lightly green over time because of their exposure to light and air. If it is overly upsetting, the quickest way to solve the problem is to eat the cookie. This happens only rarely to photo cookies, so please disregard this particular FAQ if you have not experienced a greenish face. Just unread it.
I would like to see a preview of my cookies before they are sent out. Is this possible?
For large custom orders, we will provide photos of sample cookies or meet with you directly (within a 2 hour radius of Calgary) to ensure you’re happy with your order. For standard orders, we do not have the capabilities to send an image of every box to the person who ordered it, unless we are having difficulties with the images provided for personalized cookies. We aim to please, so if you really must see your gift before it is shipped, we will make it happen!