Shipping & Returns

Chomp a’Lomp is all about giving! Our cookies are designed to be sent directly to anyone celebrating a special occasion—or a regular one. Grandma’s birthday? Send a box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies to her house and blow her mind! We’ll even include a handwritten message from you. And you’ll be Grandma’s favourite—for life.
Why can't I ship on any day that I would like to?
The simple answer is this: we make all of our cookies fresh, and we want to make sure that they arrive that way! So we don't like to ship on on a Thursday or Friday as our freshly baked cookies may get stuck in transit longer than necessary over the weekend.
I know when I want the cookies to arrive (instantaneously). When should I place my order?
We don’t want to send cookies unless they’re fresh, which is why your cookies are made to order. When you order a dozen cookies, we have a dozen cookies made just for you. We ship our cookies every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you order your gift on Thursday or Friday, the earliest that your gift can ship out is Monday the following week.
I don’t like waiting for things once they’ve been shipped. How long does it take to ship a box of cookies?
Good question. We use Canada Post as our shipping provider, and they offer three shipping speeds: Expedited Parcel (1 to 7 business days), Xpresspost Certified (1 to 3 business days) and Priority (1 to 3 business days). What's the difference between Xpresspost and Priority? We are not too clear, but according to Canada Post, "Xpresspost is a fast, cost-effective service with tracking and on-time guarantees"; and "Priority is our fastest service that’s guaranteed and trackable".
I don’t trust the delivery driver with my cookies. Do you have a storefront where I can pick up my cookies personally?
Our AHS-inspected food handling facility is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, but we do not operate a storefront at this time. Depending on your order volume, we will deliver locally to Calgary and area. And you don’t have to share your cookies with the delivery driver, unless you want to.
I would like to buy several gifts at once and send them to 54 different people. How can I do this?
Wonderful to hear! We love binge givers! Sadly, we don't have the ability to add more than one shipping address to the cart at this time. What this means is that you will have to process each order separately if you would like direct delivery of your gift to your recipients (or contact us to do this for you!). Alternatively, you can add any number of gifts to the cart if you would like us to ship them to one address. There is something to be said for personal hand-delivery!
Do you just throw naked cookies into a box and ship them?
We would never do that! We love each and every cookie we make, so we ensure that each cookie leaves individually packed in its own little, cozy, food grade bag. This not only protects the cookies from each other, but it keeps them fresh, soft and tasty.
I’m shipping to someone for a special occasion. Can I have my box gift-wrapped?
We individually wrap each one of our cookies—so what makes you think we won’t go ahead and wrap the box? Of course we will gift-wrap it (for a fee)! When the recipient opens up the shipping box, they will be greeted by our beautiful gold wrapping paper that is perfectly suited for every occasion. As a bonus, it’s kind of nice to rip wrapping paper.
I’ve tried hundreds of online cookie suppliers, but I’ve always been disappointed by the product. What is your return policy?
We hate the thought of someone being disappointed with their box of Chomp a’Lomp cookies. The cookies are fragile, so small pieces may fall off—that’s just the circle of life. But if the cookies arrive broken into a million little pieces, we would be happy to offer you a credit for a future purchase. Simply take a picture after you receive the order and send it to onesmartcookie@chompalomp.com along with a whimsical short story about how you think the damage may have occurred. You can send us short stories even if your cookies didn’t break, just don’t make the plot too linear. And really, if for any reason you are not happy, we will make it right!
What is the best way to contact you?
Here is our contact information! You can call us and leave a message at any time, or send us an email! We will be waiting by the phone to answer your calls Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Mountain Time). We also try to respond every email within 24 hours.