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Beyond the fun and fondant, Chomp a’Lomp’s core ingredient is goodness. We collaborate with other “good” local companies and suppliers and proudly celebrate these talented small business partners, who are all making waves in the Calgary business community and beyond. From the local bakery that handcrafts each cookie with quality ingredients to the design team and copywriter who have spent hours helping us craft our brand and entire gift line-up—we want to give back to these companies with more than just dollars and cents. Chomp a’Lomp isn’t a company driven by our bottom line. We are a brand built on big ideas, passion and the belief that as a community, we can move mountains.
Our bakery
Lakeview Bakery
A Chomp a'Lomp partner, Lakeview Bakery has been making local handmade baked goods since 1990. Their range of products and unique recipes have been perfected in-house by a dedicated and talented team.
Our Baker
Our Designers
A Calgary-based branding studio that loves great ideas and bringing them to life. They’re a lively bunch who place just as much weight on the thinking as on the design and detail.
Our Designer
Our Web Developer
Eric Pattison
Eric has been a web developer for more than fourteen years. He has built and maintained web pages for clients in the USA, Taiwan and Canada. Bringing an insatiable curiosity and positive personality to every project, Eric has an eye for making sure the sites are smooth and intuitive.
Our Developer
Our Writers
Swagger is a small yet nimble marketing and advertising communications company in Calgary. With over fifteen years of experience, Swagger owner, Mel McKay provides creative services for clients in any industry, bringing big ideas and a little swagger to every job.
Our Writer
Our Copyeditor
Cara Hedley
With a Ph.D in English literature and creative writing, freelance copyeditor Cara Hedley has been pruning and perfecting text for over a decade. As a novelist (Twenty Miles, Coach House Books, 2007), she constantly strives to craft that perfect sentence, and as both an editor and instructor of Copyediting and Proofreading at the University of Calgary, she is dedicated to helping others polish their own to precision.
Our Photographer
Jean Perron
Jean Perron became an internationally award-winning photographer one detail at a time. With three decades of experience in architecture, advertising, and food and product photography, Jean’s patience for the craft has allowed him to become a true master.
Our Photographer
Our Local Printer
Little Rock
Beginning in 1994, this family-owned, grassroots business is one of the city’s most reliable commercial printing companies, churning out everything from brochures to signage. They treat each job with the same meticulous attention to detail, no matter the size or scope of the project.
Our Printer